Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday July 2nd

I talked to one of the residents and I'm a lot more clear on whats going on in regard to the bacteria he carries. After they do the treatments, 10 baths and some nose 'salve', he should be free of it. The reason they are so cautious with this is because the babies have a lowered immune system and it could cause many different issues including pneumonia, which is rare. Family and friends that come by are encouraged to wash hands before and after contact with him to avoid giving it back to him.

Oh his feedings are bumped up to 12cc. I think that's about 1/2 oz. I suck at math so I could be completely off base! They'll bump him up everyday from here on out! He's doing extremely well from what I've heard...knock on significant setbacks.The oxygen thing really isn't a huge deal, he just needs time. In a few days they'll try again. Also, next week they'll start trying to bottle feed him. They'll test for 'rooting', which is what babies do when they're 'reaching for a bottle with their lips'. We'll see how that goes. We were told that beginning to bottle feed can be very frustrating, as they are very interested one day and not at all the next. It can feel like it's taking forever to get them to eat. He's spending most of his time these days sleeping, which is when they do the most growing. He did go down in weight last night, 2.55. The nurse said he just pooped so maybe thats why! ha just like daddy!!


  1. maria that is so awesome. he'll be home before you know it, i'm so excited for you and zeke to be able to feed your son!!

  2. I am so happy Kye is doing so good. He is a little doll. Give him a kiss and hug for me when you can. Aunt Doris and I will be down the 14th to see you guys. You and Zeke take care.

    Love you guys

    Great Grandma Byrd

  3. His face looks so much fuller since the last time I saw him! He looks more like a baby than a week ago.

  4. What a beautiful baby boy Maria!!!! He is so lucky to have such a great set of folks!!! You two are lucky too....i love his hair!!!