Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday July 2 (actually 3rd)

Kye is 32 weeks today!!! Happy uummm Gestational age sweetie!
So with preemies there’s gestational age and chronological age. Chronologically he’s 13 days old.
In the world of preemies, we go by gestational age, because a baby’s brain start to develop at conception not birth. So when Kye is eight months old we’ll adjust his activities to that of a six month old (because he was two months early)…it’s only fair!

The experts say that for every month they’re early give them a year to catch up. In other words when our little man is two he’ll be developmentally and physically caught up to ‘normal’… of course you have to consider his parents when factoring in what ‘normal’ means ;).

They’ve stopped his IV fluids! His nurse said that if all goes well they’ll take out the pick-line, what the IV hooks into, in 24-48 hours. That means we will be able to give him a REAL bath!! So far, we’ve only given him sponge baths. Which he can't really decide if he likes or not!

This picture looks like it's right out of 'The Blair Witch Project'!

He’s gained a little too…he’s up to 2.73 AND I personally changed two poopy diapers! This kid is smiling all over the place too. It’s weird to think that these are the things he’d be doing in utero…fascinating huh. Well not so much the poop thing.