Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday July 25th

Well Kye kept desating yesterday. He was having long periods of desaturation instead of the quick little dips he’d had before. They did a blood test and his red blood cells were down again, no surprise for his gestational age. The doctors decided to do another blood transfusion, which is better considering it could have been an indication of an illness. A blood transfusion is much more acceptable and preferable over a virus or bacteria. So they started it at around ten last night, and because he’s bigger (he got an extra cc) it had to be split up into two, he just wrapped up the second one this morning at ten. They also use the same donor; his chance of reaction was slim to none. He’s doing great, he didn’t gain much from last night, you’d think he would right?! He only gained a half oz. Well our little vampire is doing fantastic!!

I’ll tell you what though, as normal as they say this all is I can’t wait until he’s stable…for good…

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