Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday June 30

Another short one! Zeke and I ran around for a few hours together getting appliances and paint for the kitchen! It’s moving in the right direction! Kye’s doing awesome! He got his oxygen tube off today!! Here’s a picture of his adorable little face, OxyTubeless! One more tube to go! Yeaaaa

They have also bumped up his feeding to 8 ml every two hours. They were shooting for 9ml every 3 hours but changed that today. Not sure why but, it ends up being more as a whole. He gained a little weight too! He’s 2.8lbs now!
He’s also smiling a lot! Here’s one of his grins…

Oh daddy and Kye....
And here's our sweet little Kye throwing a fit!!!


  1. I love the pic of him throwing a fit it looks like he's trying to knock someone out!

  2. You guys are amazing and i love all three of u guys. By what you've done for me i know KYE can't ask for better parents or family to have. I wish you both the most, and hope the little trouble maker don't cause to much trouble, but in case he does take it easy on the little monkey he's way to adorable to yell at. LOVE U ALL bye!!!!!

  3. as some one very close to me said "ya just wanna snatch him up and kiss him all over his itty bitty head!!!!" and i plan on doing just that when i get there tonight!!!! Grammy

  4. hey its me BJ that put the comment up at 8:45am...forgotto put my name

  5. I still think he has Zeke's facial expressions.