Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wed June 17th ..test is done!

Well it's the fluid is 11! Awesome right?? I'm freaking out! Yea, I wanna be at home, for sure but, what if, what if, what if!!!
Plus my darling husband decided to surprise me by doing the kitchen floors.....ohhhh I haven't been in my house construction-less in a LONG time! O-well I wasn't suppose to be home for another month! This kid is already causing issues! lol Honestly I expected nothing less. he's always doing something sweet for me. I'm just putting a crimp in this plan! Everything will be fine. This is just so sudden, We're not exactly prepared for it. Well, there ya go. I'll be on bed rest at home! My own bed, my doggie, my hubby...for more then 2 hours a night!!!

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  1. I'm sooo glad that you get to go home, now you will be able to see all of your new things and figure out what you could possibly need if anything! Keep up the blog and let us know how you are doing ! I'm sure we will be in touch.