Monday, June 22, 2009

June 21...well 22nd actually

Here’s the scoop on what happened.
Friday the 19th at about 11:45pm I started to bleed. Zeke and I rushed to the hospital well, ‘rush’ is what we were trying to do but, the weather was horrible! It was storming so bad we could barely see at times, even hydroplaning at one point. So we got here as soon as we could. Anyway, I wasn’t having contractions or pain, and the bleeding seem have stopped or slowed considerably so I wasn’t being ambushed like the first time I came in. They did some tests and poked around, then sent me to Labor and Delivery for further assessment. They hooked me up to the stress test to monitor the baby. By this time I was having contractions, they weren’t regular or painful though. What they decided after about an hour or so was that, in hindsight they don’t think I ever ruptured. They believe that the placenta had pulled away from the amniotic sac and that’s what caused the bleeding then and now. The difference between then and now is that the baby’s stress level stabilized before. This time, his stress level went down but didn’t go away completely. See, when I had a contraction the last time, his heart rate would slow down significantly, this meant he was stressed. If that had continued they would have taken him then. Well this time he did mellow out but, not completely. He was still decelerating slightly every time I had a contraction. My doctor explained that with the placenta partially detaching and his low decelerations he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. The placenta supplies everything to the baby, and this time it must have detached enough to hinder the supply. She said we were going to take him by c section in about a half an hour. This was at about 4:27am. So after Zeke and I stared at each other for what seemed like 30 minutes we called out parents, signed papers, cried and stared at each other some more. A lady covered from head to foot in blue paper came in with an epidural. It was pretty weird; they had me sit up while she shoved a needle into my back. I swear she went into a patch of nervous because my whole leg felt like I hit its funny bone. You know that feeling? Imagine in running down your entire leg. It was pretty intense, as was feeling my legs slowly getting heavier and heavier till I couldn’t lift them anymore. I could still somewhat feel them, I just couldn’t lift them.
It all went pretty fast from there, until I was in the white room under the lights getting prepped. Wow, did time slow down there. All I had to do was think of all the reasons I didn’t want to do this right now. Mainly, and besides the obvious, I did not want them to cut me. I know nobody wants this but, lying there on that table I could taste how bad I didn’t want them to actually put a sharp object to my skin and pull it across. I could feel how bad it was going to be, numb or not. Just the idea made me cringe. AND what if they didn’t get me numb enough? AND they weren’t even going to put me out completely…well at all! Yea I was awake for this! I was screaming NEVER MIND! FORGET IT! I QUIT! inside. I’d much rather just wake up with it all over with but, no, apparently it’s safe this way. Anyway, they let Zeke come in after they had me draped and all the horror that was about to ensue safely out of sight. He sat with me, about a foot away, holding my hand as they literally gutted me. Seriously, took my uterus out of me and set it on my stomach. Or so they say…I did not witness this and neither did Zeke. It felt odd to have my body moved like that. I could feel yanking, pulling and pressure, not really much pain. When I did feel something, like when they were pulling me inside out from my ribs, they gave me some medicine and it stopped pretty quickly. It was still gross but at least it didn’t hurt. So at 5:24am our little baby boy was born. NO we haven’t settled on a name yet. I sure wish we would though!
That’s it for now. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow. It is Fathers Day so I’ll post this one before going to bed…
Happy Father's Day Babe. I love you, you'll be great.


  1. Maria and Zeke,
    Reading this gave me chills and a tear in my eye! I am so happy that you are both healthy! As scary as this all is, you have a beautiful son!! He's so tiny and precious! I can't wait to meet him!

    Love you guys!!


  2. You hang in there Baby Zeke, cuz what your Dad's been through, he deserves this reward. God bless you Maria. You did great!