Friday, June 5, 2009

June 1st (catch up)

So by popular demand I’ve decided to write a blog describing what our little guy is going through…and uhhh...putting us through ;)
This way you can check in here and get accurate information whenever you want it! Feel free to call though, we love hearing from all of you! You can also leave message here, whatever you wanna do!

On Monday June 1st as I’m getting ready for a class, I feel some tightening in my abdomen. I’ve had Braxton Hicks (harmless contractions) for a few months, so this is what I assumed it was. I was concerned when they came at regular intervals; about 4 minutes apart… give or take. I still thought they were harmless because there was no pain. I called my mom on my way to the class and asked her to do some research online and call me back. The contractions had subsided at this point so I was content going to the class. When I got there I went to the bathroom, there was a rush of blood…so I drove myself to the hospital. My mom was the best, I called her on my way and she acted like it was no big deal, “Just get to the hospital,” she said “and they’ll stop labor.” Later I found out she was a complete mess, she just kept her cool for me. J
Everything went fast from that point. My amniotic sac had ruptured and I was having contractions. I’d lost a lot of amniotic fluid. They had me hooked up, stuck, probed, analyzed, and in a labor/delivery room within half an hour! They were ready to deliver this little guy! I didn’t have time to think it was so fast! Zeke was just standing in the corner all tensed up, trying not to take up any space. He watched wide eyed and confused as about half a dozen people worked on me. My mom arrived somewhere in the mist of all of this and Cheri and Joe were on their way from Osage Beach. Finally things settled and stabilized.
It was touch and go for 2-3 days. I was put on Magnesium sulfate, an all over muscle relaxer, to stop contractions. They monitored the baby’s heart rate and frequency of contractions constantly, took my vitals every hour. Needless to say I didn’t sleep! The drug was HORRIBLE! The first day, I tolerated pretty well. After that the full effect really kicked in, flu like symptoms, extremely weak, impaired vision. I literally could not look at anything or anyone, pick anything up without concentrating, couldn’t talk or walk at all. I can’t believe I used to do that to myself on purpose. I don’t think I would have made it through without Zeke. He was everywhere, doing everything, making everything flow as best as it could. I don’t remember much during these foggy days but, he was always there making sure I was comfortable and taken care of.
When I first came in they checked my amniotic fluid, it was at a 1. It’s dangerous at 5 and under. Thursday it went up to 11! With both of our vitals holding steady they moved us up to the 5th floor. So far everything is good. Today, Friday, the fluid is at 7.9. Still above 5, which is whats important. I asked about the decrease and they said fluctuation is normal. Plus his bladder and stomach were full and they can’t actually count that as fluid.
I’m on bed rest, baby’s doing great, all is good for now. I’ll be here till he’s born. Ideally he’ll stay in there till I’m into week 34 (I’m at 28 right now). If we can get into the 30’s his lungs will be better developed, so everyday is a step in the right direction.
He weighs 1lb 15 oz as of Wednesday. Such a little boy for such a big attitude!!


  1. We love you so much!Jerry and I will be coming soon. Work is keeping me busy at the moment, but we will stop in and keep you some company over your extended stay.Your son is already taking after his mom.He is doing things the way he wants,when he wants them. Love you guys! See you soon.

  2. Wow Maria!! My love and prayers are with you and Zeke. Which hospital are you at? I'm so happy for the outcome so far. It must be so overwhelming for you and Zeke, but the fact that they were able to stabilize you guys and stop labor is a blessing and miracle.
    Hang in there. I would love to come see you if you can have visitors. I have such a passion for the whole women's health field and it was hard to read this. I can only imagine what that drive to hospital must have been like. Love you guys and thanks for letting us know.
    Priya and Alan

  3. OMG!!!!! I've been getting second hand info on your status. It's good to see you are doing well enough to "blog"! It appears you're in good hands. Keep the world posted. It seems like the little guy is feisty like his parents. You will remain in my prayers and will be in to see you soon. Love ya lots.


  4. I love you all!!!! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! Call for info on where I'm at :)