Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday June 23

Just got back from taking Kye his breakfast, it’s so nice to have a name to call him! They moved him to the next room, which is a good thing. It means they needed a bed in the ‘tiny baby’ room and he was the strongest. Last night they told us this might happen. I completely forgot and almost had a heart attack when I walked toward his bed. There were 3 nurses, a doctor in scrubs, surgical equipment, and people with clip boards all pressed in close around. I started to shove my way through when a nurse asked who I ws looking for. It dawned on me then that they had moved him. I think I died a little inside.
He’s on the other end of the 3 room facility. His nurse said he’s been pretty good all night, not to fussy. He is having some issues with eating though. When the pull back on the syringe to see how much digested they’re getting this yucky green stuff, his body is turning the milk into whatever this is. There are a couple things that are probably causing it, his age is for sure one of them, the breathing apparatus is pushing air into his lungs and some is getting into his belly causing irritation, and he was pretty aggravated yesterday. They’ll see how the day goes, they may try again or they may hold off till tomorrow. Don’t worry though; he’s getting nutrition through an iv regardless. Good night for a couple hours!

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  1. hey sooo glad to hear everything is going good with Kye and yourself. im so happy you have this blog to keep people updated otherwise i'd be going crazy worrying!! get some rest.