Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday June 22

Kye Bradley Arcobasso Knight

We couldn't make a choice(and agree) between the two we were going between (Cooper and Layne) so we came up with a new one. I'm so happy with it and I’m thrilled that we've finally decided! He has two middle names, Bradley, because it’s Zeke's and his dad's middle name and Arcobasso, because we know it would make my daddy happy and extremely proud. For all intended purposes he's Kye Knight. If he needs to use his middle name he can just use Bradley or he can use the initials ... I never put my full middle name on anything until I got older and decided I liked it. So there you have it. ‘THE BABY’,’BABY BOO’,’JR’, BABY ZEKE', 'ROSCO'and ‘THE KIDDO’ can now be referred to by name!


  1. Hi All, David and I have been being updated by Great Grandma Nancy (wow - she doesn't seem old enough) and then she sent this blog.

    Congratulations on Kye!!! And belated Happy First Father's Day to Zeke. Sounds like everything has worked out well (thank you). Nancy says he has alot of hair and he doesn't look as tiny as he is.

    Side note - if Zeke wants help with any of the kitchen work, David is available and certainly willing to help.

    Congratulations, blessing, all good things to the three of you.