Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sat. June 13

I had a great time with my hubby last night. We went to dinner and then he took me outside!! Seriously it’s the first time I’ve inhaled fresh air in 12 days! It wasn’t very pretty where we went, the front parking. Not much to see, cars, people smoking on the no-smoking bench (wish I had a camera, if was funny)…then the Krispy Kreme truck drove up. We contemplated robbing him and making our getaway on my wheelchair, you know run as fast as you can then riiiiide, push, push, riiiiide. Then we though maybe if we just offered to ‘help’ and shoved a few into our pants…but who would wanna eat that. In the end we decided to go to the cafeteria and buy some, we’re not such rebels anymore. It was fun though, we always have fun together, laughing about silly things we’ll never do but would be hilarious if we did! I miss being home, I miss being with him. Anyway, he rearranged the room and pushed the beds together, I slept better then ever! A nurse came in sometime during the night and my doctor came is at 7:30 to check on me, I wonder what they thought of our little sleep over!
Today, I’ve had a lot of company; Zeke’s family came into town for the shower tomorrow so they all stopped by. It was nice to see everyone! We chatted and talked baby stuff. Great Grandma (AKA G-Dog) is making these adorable little knit skull caps for the baby and decided to make some more for the hospital. They are SUPER cute! I can’t wait to dress this little guy!!
I’m pretty excited for the shower, a little nervous about being the focus of everyone’s attention though. Looking forward to seeing a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time. Bye for now!


  1. Hey it's zekes friend Angie dont know if you remember me but just wanted to let you know I am thinking and praying for you all!!!!! the things moms have to go through i tell ya but its sooooooooooooooo worth it..gotta love those babes!!! tell zeke hi..tried calling his cell but I guess he has adifferent number now..Angie

  2. Hi Angie! Of course I remember you! ;) I'll email you his number. I don't want to put any info on here..for the world to see. Thanks for the prayers!!!