Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday June 9th

The Shower will be in the GILLIS BOARD ROOM on the main floor of the hospital at 1pm (same day Sunday the 14th)
Go through the main entrance, (by the flags), straight down the hall. The Board room is on the left hand side, right before you get to the information desk. I’ll have my phone on me if you need to call. The hospital would like to get a head count so will you please let me, Cheri, my mom, or Ninfa know if you can make it? You can leave me a message here to. Whatever is easiest for you! I’m sooo excited!!!!!!

I’ve been released to take, a, one, single, solitary, lone wheelchair ride a day.
I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!! I would jump up and down if I didn’t think I might drop a baby!!!
I’m sitting here right now trying what to decide how to use it. Do I want to go to the waiting room…tempting…dare I say, down stairs??? Maybe the cafeteria, date night with my man? Tour the floor? Get crazy and tour another floor? I wonder if any other mom wants to race... I know, I know, pull it back! Relax!

So nothing has changed. Stress test went well. He’s a very active baby apparently!

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