Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7th part 2:)


The doctor said, “The way things look, I can’t see a reason you wouldn’t stay pregnant for another month.” YEAAAAAA

Because my amniotic sac is ruptured (puts us both at a higher risk of infection), they’ll induce labor at 32 weeks if it doesn’t come naturally. They do this because, right now, being pre mature is more dangerous to him then the risk of infection. At 32 weeks the table turns.

SHOWER!!!!! (Shower number 1 of 2 you guys didn't miss it!!!)

Shower was awesome! It was so nice to laugh out loud…with other people!! Carolyn and Breeah adapted very nicely to the hospital rec. room. We had cucumber sandwiches, fruit salad, cupcakes, and games! I had a blast! Being showered with gifts for my son was much easier then accepting gifts for myself!! My little boy deserves it all!!! Here are a few pic’s…

Heading to the festivities!

You can get me out of bed but, you can't make me wear real shoes!!!

Oh my mommy!!! A.K.A. Grammy

My loving hostesses!!!!!!!

Ohh Monkeys!!!!

Two pregnant girls.... By the look on our faces, you'd think there was food in that card!!!

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  1. Nice! (BTW, as I comment indignantly about your "food in the card" comment, I am at my desk wolfing down any and all food in my desk drawer)