Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thusday June 11

Just got back from the stress test and fluid check… sounds like I took my car to the shop! The fluid level is at 9.3!!! I’m pretty happy about that!! So, I think I drank approximately 160 oz of water…plus milk and an OJ. At least we know I’m hydrated!!

Anyway, in other news…
They moved me to a private room down the hall! Apparently they’re pretty full around here and I was in danger of getting a roommate…so they moved me. They tell me it’s because I’m ruptured and I’ll be here the longest. I think its because they like me better then the other women and are treating me special!
I was pretty excited about being moved to a ‘private room’ but, as it turns out this is just another hospital room. No pretty drapes or fancy lighting. No extra frills at all really. It’s just like the one I left…actually a little more cramped BUT, it’s mine and I’ve never been great at sharing so I’ll take it! I do however need to complain about the view….this is from the last room…

Being able to see the sunshine is kind of important to me, especially since (if all goes well) I won’t be going outside for a few months.

Well the view from my new room leaves a lot to be desired.

AHHH owell…

Ok So I love hearing from all of you and I wondered why you weren’t leaving comments. I didn’t know it required a profile…SO I changed the settings and you can now leave me a comment without a profile!!
Where is say’s ‘Comment as…(select a profile) Choose ‘anonymous’ …be sure to ‘sign’ your name though!!


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  2. Glad to hear the good news ! At least we know you haven't lost you sense of humor !!!! So glad you changed the setting, as I tried to get on and was all screwed up. I will most likely be bring up G-Dog and Aunt Doris on Saturday for a little while to see you new home. Tell Baby Boo hi for us and we will see him soon, but not to soon !


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