Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tue June 23

Today was a pretty fantastic day! I managed my time much better and felt decent throughout the day. I’m not feeling the dread I know I’ll feel tomorrow when I have to leave. I really don’t know how I’m going to go from being able to walk downstairs and see him to having to drive to see him. Here at least I know he’s just 3 min away. I’ve tried not to dwell on it to much, there isn’t a thing I can do about it. I am feeling my ‘boo boo’ more today then ever. I think it could have something to do with my moving around so much. It’s bearable but, I do need to chill out some. The doctor said I could probably drive within a week if I didn’t take pain meds. So, I need to work on that.

As far as Kye goes he had a damn productive day! Here’s a picture of him this morning….

Poor little thing

He’s doing well with his breathing so hopefully, he’ll be able to get rid of the pump that’s using pressure soon. Then if that works out maybe the whole headgear thingy can go and be replaced with a small oxygen tube. Wouldn’t that be nice???!!!

Well later on in the day we were told he threw such a fit that they decided to try taking it off! They just couldn’t calm him so I order to make him more comfortable they gave it a shot. His breathing has been good so there’s no harm!!!
Kids already getting his way by throwing a fit….Momma’s gonna have to nip that in the bud…later

So we got to help clean him up and hold him for a little bit…..

He was not very excited!!

Daddy got to wipe him down..

Then the big bad nurse took over to wash his hair!!!

He looks horrified doesn't he!!! My poor baby!

Gotta make sure all that hair gets washed!!!

Hell on an impressive Mohawk!!!

Then last but not least lets get him all wrapped up so Mommy and daddy can hold'm.

Now he's happy!



Oh and by the way we have much cuter hats at home but, we didn't know we were going to use them yet! I'm bringing them up

A FANTASTIC DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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