Friday, June 26, 2009

Grammy got to hold him yesterday
and Grandma
got to hold him today!!! -
They were both pretty excited about it too!! Grammy had to hold back a few tears, like me she can't see crap with tears in her eyes! And Grandma couldn't take her eyes off of him! And of course Great Grandma was beside herself with how adorable he is, and how tiny! He doesn't look THAT small on the blog! She brought in a few new hats for Kye and some friends here in the NICU. Thanks G-DOG!! ;)
No he's not going to be SPOILED!!! Not at all!!!

Not to much is going on today. Well, his oxygen saturation level is still holding strong so they turned him down to two!! That's great news considering he'll be on his own completely if he can hold his own for a day or so more! Hes back under the light though, with the ZORRO! mask...poor guy. It's not a huge deal though. A day or two and he'll have that off. It's just nice to be able to see his eyes.

I got to hold him for almost three hours today!The doctor had just ordered the light so the nurse told me I could hold him for as long as I wanted before we turn it on (when the lights on he can only be out for about a half an hour or so). Anyway I milked it for all I could!

So I'm lying there with him all warm and cuddle. Half dozing with a little grin on my face when all of a sudden I feel a trickle run down my side, what the hell......little shit just peed on me! Even worse...I though, oohhh how cute! Wow! He sure has me, huh! I decided it wasn't so gross and left him where he was for another half an hour! Who am I???

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  1. you ask "who am i"...i say a mama in deep love ;) Lisa