Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday June 8th

********************Sorry about any confusion!*************************

I didn't mean to panic anyone regarding the shower! There are two scheduled, thrown by different people. So far, the 14th is still on. There are a lot of guests expected for this one so they are trying to find a room to accommodate everyone. One of the hostesses should have some news tonight and will contact you.

Stress test went well! The nurses are amazed by how active he is at such a young age!! Feisty little shit!! Surprised? Not really…..

The fluid is holding steady! All is well in the womb...

So I have to admit that it just now really HIT me that we will have a son in 30 days or less. I know, I know, I’ve been pregnant for awhile and yada yada yada. The realization just hit home. I’m going to be a mommy, Zeke's gonna be a daddy.....Chunk's gonna be a brother! We'll have a baby in our arms (so to speak)! Strange feeling!

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