Friday, June 12, 2009

Just got back from stress test and fluid check (AAMCO!!), fluid is 6.4! Whatever, I’m done stressing about it. I could actually see the umbilical cord cutting through a huge pocket of fluid. That means they can only count the level above the cord….So all is fine!
Here’s a cute picture we took at ultrasound. It’s kind of amazing to me. I can see him clearly but, I’ll explain it to you…maybe it’s a face only a mother can see…
He’s lying on his side facing the ‘camera’. On the right is his face, on the left is a knee pulled up to his chest… Can you see it??

I’ve been here for 12 days…well really nine days because I don’t remember the first three. I’m getting restless, to say the least. It’s getting harder and harder to stay still. As most of you know I’m kind or fidgety so, I really have to make a conscience effort to stay in one spot. Luckily I have my computer, books, magazines, and t.v. to keep my mind occupied. Sadly, I have resorted to watching crap t.v. I’m not proud to admit Jerry Springer is on right now and later I plan on watching Days of Our Lives. (The T.V. is muted so, I feel a little less guilty!) I used to watch Days a million years ago; I decided to see how long it’ll take me to catch up.

I spoke to one of my doctors yesterday and she told me that our goal is 35-36 weeks. Previously I mentioned they would induce at 32 weeks. I’m a little confused and trying to get it cleared up…

I have at least two different sets of doctors, my OB and her group of four, and the fetal Medicine doctors here at the hospital. They work together to decide what’s best for me and the baby. Anyway, I may have heard one of the Fetal doctors wrong, I though he told 32 weeks was as far as they wanted me to go. I mentioned this to one of my doctors, who said if that’s what they recommend that’s what they’ll do. I’m in the process of getting this cleared up. Dr. Stein (my ob’s office) said she doesn’t see a reason to induce unless there is sign of infection or distress…SO today I’ll see Dr. Morrison (Fetal Med) and ask the question again…

Zeke’s coming to spend the night tonight! I’m so excited!! Dinner and a movie with my hubby!!


  1. Hi, Ann is trying to show me how to blog. We got here about 5:30 and we will see you tomorrow.

  2. OMG!!!!!! you can totally see his little face!!! it brought tears to my eyes!! he's the most adorable little thing i've ever seen!!!!