Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday June 19th

Not much going on today. There’s a lot less action here at home! No doctors to update on, no fluid check, no stress test…well not on the baby anyway! Ha! No I’m not stressed, I’m actually pretty good. It’s nice to be at home.
The baby is moving around like a madman! I do miss hearing his little heart beat though. I thought about getting one of the at home Fetal Doppler’s. I know I don’t NEED it but going from hearing him 2-3 times a day to being at home at not having that security…well it would be nice. Not necessary but nice. Anyway, it’s quiet around here today. I sent BJ and Maria out to get a few things for the invitations I’m making. That’s frustrating to, I hate having people run errands for me. Plus, I like to be able to see the choices myself…o-well. I’m grateful they are willing! So far it’s been a task for them! They’ve been to about 5 different places…if it were me I’m sure I would have just settled on something that would suffice, probably not what I really wanted but would work in a pinch. They don’t seem to mind running around so, I’ll just say THANKS!!!

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  1. Maria, He is so cute and tiny. I thank God for his health being so little. CONGRATUALTIONS TO YOU BOTH. You will not be far away from him when you do go home. He is precious. Your cousin Janet