Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday June 18

Well I’m at home! Yeaaaaaa It’s an adjustment to say the least but, the important thing is I’m in my own bed! Everything went so fast, we’re making the best of the situation. It’s a little stressful on both of us. He’s so worried about me and not stressing me out that he’s overwhelming himself! We’ll figure this out! I have to say the room service here sucks though!! I mean, I have to make my own lunch! What kind of facility is this anyway! Seriously though, I asked the doctor about getting up to make food, let the dog out etc…he said that’s fine, just be smart about it. Most moms’s who bleed will probably bleed again, so I need to take it easy. I can go up and down steps, as long as I go down, spend time down there and come up later. Not that I plan on going down there, I just wanted to know if it was off limits. So for now, I’m in bed making some invitations, watching t.v and listening to BJ use the belt sander on the kitchen cabinets. All is well. I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday…yes I can drive myself (doctor said) so we’ll find out what’s going on then. The one thing we’re concerned with is, if I have ‘resealed’ or have never ruptured, will they still need to induce at some point?

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