Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wed. June 17th

Today my doctors have thrown me for a loop. Well it started last night. Dr. Bartelsmeyer mentioned that with my progress and no incidents I may get to go home. I haven’t mentioned anything yet because I’m not so sure how I feel about that or how much stock to put into it. Usually I’ll hear something similar from a few doctors before I start asking questions. So today Dr. Webb came in and we discussed this possibility.
First they need to determine if I’m still ruptured. They do this by inserting a blue dye into the amniotic fluid and ‘checking for leaks’. There are risks with this, It could cause rupture…which he said if I’m already ruptured there’s no harm. It could cause me to go into labor….hhmmmm. So why risk it right? Which is what I said. I also told him I trusted his recommendations. He said they will only do the dye if there’s enough fluid. I go down for that at 1:30 today. He said he wants to talk to Bartelsmeyer and Hugge (my personal dr) before settling on anything; also he wanted to re-read my chart. He came back and said I may not have ever ruptured OR it may have sealed up. From looking at the chart I haven’t had any issues for the past 2 weeks. That being said and discussed with the other doctors, they have decided that doing the dye would be causing unnecessary risk. They feel it’s safe for me to go home and continue bed rest IF my fluid level is stable. So at 1:30 – 2pm I’ll find out if I get to go home or stay here.
I’m really actually freaking out. I’ll still have to come up here and get fluid levels checked a few times a week and continue bed rest. I think this is so sudden I’m having a hard time being happy about it. I know we’re safe here. The baby is fine and if something did happen I’m here and they are ready for anything. At home…..he said if I have any issues I need to come back…..
Well that’s it for now…Grandma and Aunt Doris are here to eat. I just wanted to update quickly. I’ll let you know what going on…
I ‘m sorry for spelling etc… no time to proof read!! lol

Also sorry I haven't had time to make phone calls yet....I will after the ole fluid check!


  1. It's 1:20 so it is too early to find out the results of the fluid test. I'll check back later. Love you, be calm. I'm the worrier, let me take care of that, you relax.


  2. Well it's 2:10...still haven't gone down. Man, usually these guys are pretty on time....

  3. even if they're gonna let you go home it probably won't be today. they have paperwork to do and all kinds of stuff. even if they do, you'll be fine. just go home and do the same thing there you're doing now. take it easy. love you!! momma