Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6th

Ahh Saturday, what to do, what to do… Oh I know, a stress test! FUN So for 20 minutes they hook me up and monitor the baby. This is the apparatus I was hooked up to 24/7 before. The machine records his movements and how his heart reacts to that movement. Ideally, his heart rate will rise for 15 seconds when he moves and go back to resting. Which it does… Normal is 110-160, he’s at 140 typically. He’s actually moving like a mad man! A nurse actually called him a ‘Dynamo’ ha! I think he’s trying to uncork his head. Seriously, he’s head down and the doctors believe he is plugging the tear with his head! GOOD BOY!!!

If you plan to visit, be sure to call first. That way I can tell you where I am and if I’m actually in my room. They take me for testing and there’s really no schedule for it!You can call me, Zeke, or any of our mutual friends they can tell you which hospital I’m in.


  1. i love this blog idea, that's fun. i'm glad baby's ok and that you're good as well. you're in my thoughts, and you'll stay in my email cause i'm following this little baby's blog now.

    - alex