Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17 2010

Man, is it hard to get a clear picture of this boy as he jumps around in contraption!

But still I try...

Oh Oh Oh nope, missed this one...
and another miss...

Oh and there it is!!!! Totally worth it!

Gilbert’s partner in crime, Sullivan, is moving in and creating chaos! Especially around 2-3am….sigh. Oh well we have some super sweet quality time after we get Sullivan all settled and appropriately numbed. Last night, as we reclined in the glider together, our faces inches apart, he smiled and cooed softly at me and every so often he’d gently touch my face as if to say, “Momma, you are completely wrapped around my pinky, aren’t you….” Sigh again. It’s true; I’m so in love with this little boy I can hardly stand it.

I absolutely love my life! Who could ask for more! My husband is funny, sweet, (but not get on my nervous, kiss my booty, kind of sweet!) he’s loving, attentive and an amazing daddy…a real get your hands dirty kind of daddy. I couldn’t ask for more…ok you can ALWAYS ask for more but I’m overjoyed with what I have!!!

Kye’s doing great, people! He’s growing and developing right on cue. We have his 9 month appointment (yea, seriously NINE months!!!)Set for the end of this month and that’s it! WOW!! Finally settling into some normalcy! He’s doing fine with his breathing and weight gain and unless things change we’ll just have check ups to schedule.

Pretty soon we’ll have a NICU follow up appointment. I’m pretty interested in this one; it’s a voluntary program that follows preemies and their development for future reference. The appointment is pretty intensive, lasting about 2-3 hours and will tell us how he’s doing in all areas based on their previous findings. It’s reassuring to NICU families to know how other early bundles of joy will progress. I’m excited to participate!

Lastly, here’s an awesome canvas given to us my Zeke’s partner, Johnny. Can’t get better then this!!

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