Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dec 9 2010

Happy Birthday GRAMMY!!!!!

Well things are good, very busy but, really good. Kye's been drinking from his sippy sup almost exclusively now! I've put him to bed for his nap and at night with his sippy! What a big boy!!! He's also brushing his teeth regularly...thanks Great Grandma Knight for the awesome tooth brush!! Here's its inaugural run...
Not allot to say really just getting ready for Santa! I'm so excited I could pee!!

OH heres a cute most of you know, when Kye was in the hospital they has a pulsox on his foot to watch his O2 levels and the thing made his feet stink like a grown man! So, since birth we've been smelling, remarking, tickling, finding etc... his 'tinky feet'. Recently he's decided they really DO smell...take a look.
Have a great day, people!!!!!

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  1. is that the cutest thing that ever drew a breath or what?!?!?! i mean, look at that face!!!!!