Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb 21 2012

The Boy is growing up fast!
He's talking up a storm, asking and answering questions, and carrying on simple conversations using 3-5 word sentances. This is advanced for his age acording to the First Steps people! Not everyone can understand his words but, we are helping him out with articulation. He likes to go to the park and the play ground at the mall, the slide is his fav. If both feet could reach the petals, he'd be zooming everywhere on his 3 wheeler. He can count to 20 on his own, recite the ABC's (he can even recognize some of them) and he's using the potty at least 60% of the time! He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and Diego whenever we'll let him.
This child is absolutely amazing to watch! His new thing is, "One wow". Ha ha let me explain...ok lets say you see something really cool, you'll say, "Oh, WOW!" well if you try to say it more then once Kye will look at you very seriously, hold up one finger and say, "One WOW!" it's pretty serious business. I have no idea where it came from but apearently wows are not to be used lightly. Lately I've been asking for more wows...depends on his mood. :)
Here are some pictures from Monkey Joes, an obnoxious indoor blow up play land that adults can't enjoy...rude if you ask me. Anyway, Kye and Parker had a blast! This kid has NO fear! He climbed the tallest slide they had there. I panicked a little, us grown kids aren't allowed on the equipment...let me just say that if he needed me, you know I'd take my big grown butt on up that slide, climbing over all the other little people! It didn't come to that but, know I wouldn't have batted an eye!

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