Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8th, 2012

This Boy is the sweetest thing ever placed upon this earth! I've been trying really hard to video this, so far no luck. For no reason at all, he'll lay his hand or his head on me ever so gently, look up at me with 'those  eyes' and say softly, "Mama, I love you."! I just want to squeeze the tar out of him right then and there! Oh my heart!!!!
He's just really coming into his own..or he's getting crafty..either way I like it! The other day I stubbed my toe pretty hard, I sat down rocking slightly, holding it and whining. He rushed over to me lay his hand on my shoulder and again with the eyes, there may have even been a tear of concern, he looked at me, eye brows furrowed and said, "Mommy, are you gonna make it?" then, as i hung my head to giggle, he raised my head with his hand and looked into my eyes, as if searching for an answer. Of course I started cracking up so he threw his head back dramatically and belted out a, "Thats dunny (funny).". This child has my heart completely. Unequivocally.

He's turning 3. THREE! The big 03! 
seriously. 3. I know!
This is such a fun age. He's peeing on the potty, pooping his pants...(oh well, he's getting there) his imagination is just out of control, he's counting way farther then his age group, he can even count backwards from10! He's telling absolutely fabulous stories, 
My favorite story so far....
At night I lay in bed with him and we talk while we watch the stars disappear from his ceiling, they are glow in the dark so they fade. Anyway, one night after reviewing the events of the day he tells me of the monsters on the moon...
Kye (Grabbing on to me in mock fright) - Mamma, there are monsters up there.
Me- Where, Honey? 
Kye- The moon. (pointing up)
Me- Oh yea? Thats awesome, I love monsters. Grovers a monster.
Kye- They're gonna come down here!
Me- Cool! What are they going to do?
Kye-Eat my hair!
Me-Well, I don't like that. Mamma loves your hair. What should we tell them?
Kye, in an authoritative tone-NO THANK YOU, MONSTERS! NO THANKS EATING MY HAIR! MUMBLE MUMBLE MUMBLE, MAMMA LOVES MY HAIR, MUMBLE DADDY LOVES MY HAIR, NO THANKS! as he's shaking his fist or finger, I couldn't tell it was pitch BLACK by this time! Crack me up!

Well, we're having a party for him this Sunday. Just a little thing here at the house. Should be pretty fun. Memaw and Pop are driving in. Of course the regulars, Grammy, me..ole Daddy.. a few kids... I invited his class. 0_o.... 
We'll see how this turns out! 
Kiddie pools,, these parents are gonna LOVE us!

Heres a few pictures...
"Don't worry, babe, Ive got you"

Science Center


Rock'n with Dad

Puppy sitting


Bff, Alex

2nd Bff, Goat

Fishing wit Aunt Ann

Hanging with the boys, Daddy and Alex

First carnival...

His first motorcycle ride and unfortunately probably his last. His Nonno is gone and he's the only one I trust on a bike. Including the Boy himself. Sorry kid, I will not encourage a Hog in your future. Unless by some glorious miracle your Nonno can come down here and teach you himself. 
Muah Daddy. 
I love you, miss you terribly and think of you daily. You would have adored this he would have you.
Tragic, truly tragic. 
The things he'd learn...good and bad! ha ha 
The laughter and the love...I feel sorry for my baby for missing out on you.

Sorry people, I don't know where that came from but, it's going to stay! 

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  1. Love, Love, Love this. Makes my day when I hear your stories-Re Re. Love ya all-MeMaw-