Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept 9, 2012

Well this is our boy, our big three year old, our Boog, sweetie, Boo Boo, Mama's baby, Mimi's boy, Daddy's sugar, Memaw and Pop's pride.....the list goes on and on.

Heres a peek at what he's into right now...
He loves trains,Legos, trash trucks, firetrucks and money. Not necessarily in that order. He's not the best at sharing but, he's learning and when he does share he'll tell you about it, cause he's proud.
His favorite colors are green, purple and orange...that was this morning.
Yesterday it was pink. This evening while we were trying to decide on red or grey shoes, it was red.
Speaking of shoes. I'm having a hard time finding shoes that fit him right now. He's between a 7 and an 8. His 7's are tight and the 8's flip flop. Sigh. So, the other day we went on a mission to find something untennis-unsneeker-like for him to wear. I want something lightweight...kid has stinky feet. Seriously, grown man stinky feet. So, off we went. At the first store, while I'm staring at the overly colorful, sometimes blinking (literally) array of obniouxious toddler foot wear, I hear Kye. "Mom. I need these. Mom, come'ere. Hey, mama look. I need these boots." I walked over and there were galoshes galore and he was pointing, with this ridiculous grin plastered on his face at the 'Cars' pair. "Mama, I neeeeeeed those boots."
So, yes, he got the boots. And he understood that he couldn't wear them until after he washed his stinky feet. He wore them for 5 minutes right before bed, sitting on the couch, watching Mickey. He's worn them everyday, at every chance he gets. Naked. Fully clothed. Doesn't matter.
Of course, the next store we went to he reeeeally wanted another pair with butterflies on them but in the end he decided that he didn't neeeeed them.

His favorite shows are Wonder Pets and 'I'd rather poke my eyes out with a red hot spork then watch another-Mickey Mouse'. :)
He very best friend is Alex, a neighborhood boy. He loves him dearly and sakes about him when we haven't seen him for a week or so. Other close friends are Kavia and Enrique, (friends from school), and Parker, one of my best friends son.
He was happy to see his Aunt Mickey, he doesn't see her very often.
He listens pretty well, better then some and not as good as others. He has an attitude and gets whiney at times. Dad says he's more whiney around me then elsewhere. I don't know what that's all about. I can't really argue, considering I don't know how he is when I'm not there! He can dance his little tiny butt off...of course he has the rhythm of a potato, just like his parents..........he probably won't win any awards in that area.
He has huge muscles (skinny little chicken arms...) he'll show you if you ask.
He loves to 'shave', cook with daddy, fish with Pop, and play at Mimi's house. He calls our regular Thursday dinner of Boston Market, 'going to the cracker store'...because the woman always gives him oyster crackers...which he loves!
He's a pretty agreeable kid except when he's tired, hungry or sick. He's not a big morning person, being my son, that's no surprise...and he can be a fuss bucket at night, like his dad, whom I sometimes call 'bucket' for short when the sun sets.
He loves colored bubble bath, we make it ourselves. Sometimes.
He can count to 25ish.
He can recognize the letters of his name, the word 'bed', 'dog', and 'table', because I'm a dork and experimented with labeling some things around the house. :-D
He can still recognize some sign language, although we don't use it anymore.
He says I love you at the best times.
When I'm getting upset or frustrated he'll ask in the cutest voice, "What's wrong Mommy."
He can put the written numbers 1-10 with objects of the correct amount.
He doesn't articulate some sounds clearly, we're working on that. Not all day, that would be exhausting. Just a few minutes a day, is what we're told to do.
Today he says, "Mama, I love your hair." crack me up, it was piled on top my head, sorta leaning over, when he said that.
I love watching him and his daddy together. Daddy adores him and you can tell the feeling is mutual. They wrestle and chase each other all over this house, laughing and yelling like crazy. Wears me out sometimes! Ha it's a beautiful thing to see your two favorite people loving each other so much. My life is so full.
Every night, unless he's with a grandparent, I go into his room, long after he's been asleep and take him all in. Sometimes it's a quick kiss on the cheek, maybe a lingering cheek to cheek 'hug' while he sleeps. If he wakes up we'll cuddle for a minute or two. Some nights, I just watch him sleep and wonder what I did to deserve such a beautiful soul as my child, on those nights I tear up just standing there. The joy he has given me is beyond words. My heart is complete with him in my life. My family means so much to me! I just hope we can teach him the skills to be a good, strong, confident person, to live without prejudice or judgment, to love unconditionally and to treat people, including himself, with respect and kindness. He's got a good soul to begin with, so we're off to a good start.

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