Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2 2010

I'm almost a whole YEAR old!!! Where did the time go!!!???"pfeeelet"
So right about this time last year I was in the hospital with this little booger causing all kinds of trouble in my uterus. Matter of fact, I was on that horrible medicine, Magnesium, 365 days ago. Oh it was terrible! Felt like I was drunk and had the flu at the same time. I Seriously had to close one eye every time they wheeled me anywhere, when I ate or if I had to look at someone. It was some pretty mean stuff. It amazes me to look at this face and remember back to before I knew him. It's hard to imagine now that he's here. My little trouble maker.
"Look at me! I'm doing pretty good with this 'sitting up all by myself' stuff."

"Awe Aunt Kimmy's got me in the pool and I LIKE IT! I like it allot!!"
It's been a good weekend! My Cousin Tosha turned 30 this past week...geeze she's old ;-)... and she had a surprise birthday party on Sunday. It was a lot of fun and as you can see Kye had a ball. As usual he was the life of the party, well till about 7:30 when all Hell breaks loose if there's not a warm bottle in his sticky little hands.
I'm so excited about this summer! This is only the beginning. Kye gets meet so many people who've been following him, love him and can't wait to get their hands on him!
Look out world...Kye's HERE and making his rounds!

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  1. YEP He looks just like me........
    Thanks Mommie and Daddy for bringing him . I love you guys