Friday, June 25, 2010

Well tomorrow is the family reunion and we're so excited! We look forward to it every summer. Fun in the sun, awesome people, a pool and what ever weird game our little hearts can dream up. Seriously... Our favorite game for the past few years has been in the deep end of the pool, simply hitting the ball in a circle to one another and counting how many times we can keep from dropping it. Wow, that really sounds lame! Ha it's THE BEST GAME EVER!!! One year we choreographed and executed a synchronized swimming routine! We're totally off the chain...woot woot! It's always allot of fun! Last year we were in the hospital at this time so we had to miss it. We had so much going on I didn't realize how much I missed it untill we began planning this years trip. I can't wait for tomorrow! I cant wait to see everyone! Kye isn't going to know what to think! He absolutly loves the pool so he'll be in little baby heaven when he see's this ones bigger then his tub! He also loves attention, which there will ne no shortage of of sure! :-)I'll post some pictures as soon as I can!

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