Friday, July 2, 2010

Family reunion 2010

Ahhh the family reunion pictures... Here's Daddy, Grandma and Kye the night before. Wow was it a hot day! The pool was the place to be for sure!

Aunt Linda got him this awesome car floaty, too bad the little booger wanted to flip out of it! Maybe in a month or so he'll be able to enjoy it. We'll keep trying!

Had to put this in there...Ryan and BJ...I don't know what to say! Ryan's either showing off his physique or about to go fight crime, I can't decide and BJ...well if he had hair I'd say he's flinging it over his shoulder in a seductive manner but....

Awe great picture..well, besides the creeper peeking in on the corner!

This year my brother was deemed an honorary member of the Kapeller clan!! Kye and his Uncie Mikey had a blast in the pool. I'm so happy he was able to come, he's off to Afghanistan for a year in July so this was a pretty special visit. "We'll see you next year, Uncie!"

All that swimming has worn the Boy out!

My boys chill'n around the table.
The reunion was awesome as usual! We didn't play as many games as we had in the past, it was so hot most of us stayed in the pool. Completely fine with me!
Kye had his CAT scan on Monday. It was strange watching him under sedation. At first it was cute, he was loopy and giggly. After they were done and he came back to me it was pitiful. He couldn't open his eyes, he was uncomfortable, hungry and irritated. The nurse said he probably feels off balance, dizzy and has double vision. That lasted for about an hour. Just crying. He had to start with pediolite, which he's not fond of so nothing was making him happy.
Anyway, the doc called and said his diaphragm is still elevated. He was hoping it would come down some as he grows but it's still constricting air flow to his right lung. His liver is also elevated which, is more then likely a result of the lung/diaphragm. It's healthy and not of concern but he wanted to note it anyway. He has recommended that we see the surgeon for a consultation regarding placation...the operation the will tack his right diaphragm to his left. So we'll see what he says that appointment is in a few weeks si, I'll keep you posted.

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