Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

We went out to uncle Johnny's and aunt Cindy's for some pool fun and pasta this past weekend! Kye really enjoyed himself in the pool and loved meeting more of his family.
Below is uncle Johnny, Kye, aunt Kimmy and cousin Ava...oh and cousin Devin hang'n loose behind them. I suppose they're seconds to Kye as they are my dad's bro and sis but, honestly whats the difference. My dad was surely smiling down on that day! We had a few missing members but theres plenty of time to do this again...and I can't wait till we're all chill'n together!It was an awesome day, lots of laughs, hugs and of course aunt Cindy's amazing Arcobasso family recipe. It has sausage, pork, meatballs, eggs, the works! Beautifully done! I had some more later that night and then again today! Here's aunt Cindy love'n on the boy.

So today we went to see the surgeon about his diaphragm. After talking with us about Kye's history and looking at his file he said the surgery would be the next right thing to do. When he came back after looking at his x-ray he said the diaphragm looks like a bubble in the middle, elevated into his lung. What he'll do is go in with a small camera and take a look at the middle, the spot that can't be seen with the x-ray, CAT scan, etc... he suspects it's one of three things, a hernia (which is just jargon for 'hole in the tissue') in which case he'll sew it up, a thin spot or it's paralysed. In the latter two cases he'll tack the affected right to the working left side, which will allow the left to pull the right side down with it, opening up space in the lung. He said if it's a hernia it may start working on it's own once it's closed. That would be nice. We'll see, of course nothing he said was definitive. He used allot of words like, 'theoretically' and 'it's possible' nothing solid like, 'this is the problem and I can fix it' like I wanted to hear but, he was pretty positive so I'll take it. I'm happy about the decision. I'm sad he's got to go through this. It seems he's been holding in limbo for so long...He's gaining enough weight not to worry but, just barely, his O2 levels are good but when he gets sick we hold our pun intended. We've been waiting for this issue to fix itself or vanish or for him to 'get past it' for a year now. Always hoping the next doctors appointment will be 'the one' they tell us his diaphragm is better. It's always in the back of our minds...this problem lung...allergies...sneezes...runny noses, they all cause a flash of Kye gasping for air or in a hospital bed hooked up to IV's. I'm relieved to be honest, I think I finally exhaled when he told us...then later I wanted to cry. Funny how that happens huh? My heart sank and I felt like a weight lifted all at once.
Anyway, it's scheduled for the 30th. He'll go in with the camera and fix the problem all at once, should take about an hour or so. Kye will be in the hospital for only a day or two. Regardless of how 'simple' this sounds, it's still scary, so please say a prayer, conjure up some good strong mojo or dance a happy dance, whatever it is you do to put out positive vibes, do it and and send some his way. He'll appreciated it ;-)
I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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