Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30 2010 after surgery

WELL here we are. Kye's out of surgery, everything went well. The doctor plicated the
diaphragm. He said he can't say why the diaphragm was elevated like that. Part of it is moving, there wasn't a hernia or a thin spot so...??? This kid, I tell ya, is playing by his own rules and he's not telling anyone what they are! We just gotta keep guessing! Anyway the doc said this should do the trick. I suppose we'll have to see what happens. Right now he's rather drugged up and unhappy in general. Here are a few pictures...

Here he is right when we got into the room before surgery. He was happy for about 5 minutes until the excitement of a new place wore off and his hunger kicked in.

Doing a little exploring with grandpa...

Grammy giving the Boy some much needed love. At this point he was just not having any of it! We were walking, getting toys out, playing, singing, making faces, you name it we did it and he could care less! He wanted to EAT! Sorry baby!...
THEN they gave him his cocktail..and he reeelaaaxed. A whole lot! I uploaded a video before this post of our little Boogie well on his way to happy town! Pretty cute a whole lot funny and a little disturbing all rolled into one tiny little clip.

Here's one right as the concoction was brushing the edges of his anger away.

And hunger completely forgotten. ha ha

After surgery. That was more to take. He has a bloody tube in his chest to help with drainage, it should come out tomorrow, and two other tiny holes where the doc went in. He's drugged up, hungry and uncomfortable. He wanted to cry but didn't have enough energy, it was pretty pitiful, honestly. He's much better now. Here he is after a nice warm bottle and some cuddling from Mama... and now Grandma's having a turn. I'll keep ya posted as much as I can. The previous posts are sent by text. I don't know why they're so confusing but, I suppose they got the job of informing done. Thanks so much for all of your prayers, dances and vibes we did it again! Kye's come out on top!

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