Tuesday, August 3, 2010

hospital stay july 2010

Well hello! So sorry I haven't updated sooner, I've had my hands full OR I've been brain dead! Here's a quickly, as now that I've sat down to write Kye is stirring from his nap. I think it's written somewhere, a law of baby-dom to know when mom's have a 'free' second.
We're home now and it seems he hasn't skipped a beat. Went to bed at his normal time and slept through the night...I even woke him up to give him meds and he went right back out. He's still hurting, I can tell but, he's not miserable. He's been giggling and playing as usual but taking longer naps. Thats to be expected though considering the meds.
Anyway here are a few pictures from our hospital wagon ride.


  1. Im so happy for your updates and to see him I just want to cry , not cause he looks sad he looks Great . I JUST MISS HIM...
    Love you guys Aunt Kimmy

  2. Oh we miss you to Aunt Kimmy! We love you!