Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 20th 2010...well now 21st

Kye's got his very own Ball Pit!!!
He's a big fan...

 And a few minutes later...
Ha, this kid cracks me up. Once he had them all out of the 'pit' he crawled around throwing them back in...along with all his other toys!

He's been doing so many new things...I really think the surgery did wonders for him. I can't say that I notice a huge difference in his breathing but, in his actions, both mentally and physically, I can. Which makes since, now that he doesn't have to work so hard to breath he can concentrate on other things. He's crawling ALL over the place, pulling himself up to standing on the couch, stacking things (milestone for his age), saying a few words, like maybe Mama and Dada, for sure doggie and 'juice' (u's) lol. He can do Patty Cake all by himself! Grammy taught him that! That's ALL her, I rarely did Patty Cake with him so she gets all the credit. I'm trying to get a video but, of course, as soon as I break it out he's done! He's also using his signs more, although I think we confused him with our enthusiasm. After he broke the 'I can sign' seal, we got excited and wanted him to do it at every opportunity. For example, during dinner, we'd hold his bottle up and ask him to sign 'milk'. I've been doing some research and this, it turns out, is not so productive! Sound obvious when I read it now...how cruel! Lets dangle the kids milk, just out of reach until he does a trick...hhhmmmm. Anyway, we're suppose to just keep signing the way we were. When he does a sign we give him some praise, sign and say the word again for him.

We went to see the pediatrician today.
Poor kid had to have 3 shots today. Awe look at that face.
Kye's almost 19 pounds. That's in the first percentile on the 'normal' chart (who wants to be normal anyway!) and fifth on the preemie chart. He's 29in long which is within the normal height for his age.
Well I'm going to bed folks...aforementioned vaccinations didn't bode well for the Boy. He's fine now...nothing a little tylanol wouldn't fix.

Yes, don't worry we called the doctor...we're uber careful.

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