Friday, September 3, 2010

Sept 2ish 2010 The great hair debate

Which hair style should we go with for the fall season?

Hmmm lets take a vote...

First up, The Comb Over, made popular in the late 70's by the peace loving hippy crowd. In  refusing to accept the loss of elastic friendly locks, said gentlemen gently guided the hair over and across the silky smooth  area of 'forehead' in an ill fated effort to remain hairspray worthy.

Next up, the middle part. An affectionate, yet slightly up-dated nod to the legendary icon, Alfalfa, of The Little Rascals.

And then we have The Moe, not every face shape call pull off this easy to style coif, with it's harsh front bang, the wearer must have soft benevolent features.

And finally, needing no formal introduction, classic and always chic...The Mohawk. This ones seems to say, "Hey, I'm a bit edgy but inside I'm just an affectionate, sentimental fool."

Alright people, it's in your hands now...


  1. thanks for the laugh!!! the pictures are wonderful and i LOVE the narration!!!

  2. Here's Auntie Linda's two cents...
    "I go for the alfalfa look. I think it is easier to maintain and the wind won't affect it nearly as much as the mohawk and the comb over. What a baby doll."

    Thanks Auntie, your vote has been cast.

  3. I will go with any of the do's. My sweetheart looks good in anything. What a special little boy he is. Grandma will see you tonight. Love ya lots. XOXOXOXOXO

  4. Uncle Scott and I love the comb over!!
    Give em a big oh kiss for us. Love you guys Aunt Kimmy and Uncle Scott

  5. I'm leaning toward the Comb Over, my 14-year old son favors the Moe and my 16-year old son says the Mohawk is the way to go. Guess we didn't help much..
    Thanks for giving us the chance to play!
    - Barbara (Grandma Nancy's friend)

  6. Oh thanks so much to everyone who voted! I absolutly LOVE seeing your comments on here, it really makes my day! We love you all and I'll think of more to vote on, this was fun!