Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov 8 2010

The Boy isn't feeling well! He's got a runny nose and  last night a low grade fever. Poor thing.
This was last night, he was so stuffy and crabby I decided to give him a warm totally worked!

 I didn't take him to Ann's house on Friday cause i didn't  want him to get the other kids sick. She's ok with them coming as long as they re not throwing up but, I'm not. My schedule is pretty flexible so, unless I have to I'd rather keep him home with me. So this Friday will be his first trip to the babysitters. Here's a little about her...She's an older woman around 60ish, very grandmotherly. She was recommended to be by a lady from the First Steps program. Before we met her I asked one og the other mom's about her and she had all the right answers. Zeke and I spent about 2 hours with her and her husband before we made the decision to take him. I'm confident he'll be safe and she'll be good to him without spoiling him too much! I'm excited for him to play with other kids but, I'm going to miss him. I love out days together. It's only on Fridays right now though so I think I'll be ok! I did stop in on Wednesday last week to drop off diapers, wiped (check in) etc...She had 3 other kids there. A 2 year old and two older kids. The two year old was in the highchair eating Hershey kisses and M&M's....I'm not very cool with that. I think I'll stop and get some snacks to take over for him! In her defence it was just days after Halloween and one of the moms brought it for the kids. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

AWE look my symbolic little family!!!
Kyes brushing his teeth now!!!and by that I mean I'm brushing his teeth!
He doesn't mind it at all in fact I think he enjoys it! He watches Mama and Daddy so now he gets to be in on the game too!
Of course we were wiping his teeth with a cloth for awhile now...kid sprouted teeth in the womb it seems like.
Well he's napping and I have some things I've got to get done...

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