Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dec 26th 2010 (I'm catching up!)

I am so behind!! 
Christmas night Kye's cough got worse and he developed a slight fever. We gave him Tylenol and ibuprofen and he slept through the night. The next day he was still not feeling very good. We were giving him his breathing treatments every 4 hours, sometime as much as 3 in a 45 minute period per the nurses at Childrens. As the day went on he felt worse. He had a fever of 101ish even with Tylenol. His attitude was up and down so, we weren't to worried. Of course we were in touch with the exchange who said to pay more attention to his actions then the number on the thermometer.  He'd play like normal then, out of nowhere, flip into a fussy needy little boy. He wasn't eating much either but, he was having wet diapers, which means he's drinking enough. Anyway that night after he'd been in bed for about an hour he woke up crying. He was visibly red and shaking. His temperature was 102.6 so after calling the exchange we decided to go to the hospital, just to be on the safe side. We gave him Tylenol and slipped out the door. On the way you could tell he was feeling better. Little turd. At the hospital, of course they were concerned with his breathing. He ALWAYS breathes faster then a 'normal' kid, add in the fever and he was in the yellow zone...there are 3 zones, red, yellow and green. Just like a street light but regarding health. So what put him in the yellow was the rate he was breathing (under 50 is ok he was at 54 per minute) and HOW he was breathing. When a person struggles to breath they use their stomach muscles, you can see the air 'sucking' between their ribs and as they try harder, their nostrils will flair and you'll nee the neck muscles strain. Kye was using his stomach muscles and, mostly because of his missing pec muscle, you could see between his ribs when he inhaled. whew! Got all that? ANYWHOO...they always get alarmed at his breathing. Honestly, I need to count his breathing when he's not sick so we know what his normal rate is! Anyway, in the end he got Ibuprofen, some antibiotics and was fine. After about 45 min he was charming the pants off of everyone! They did discover a slight ear infection that the doctor said was more then likely caused by the cold he had. 
Kye had a pulse-ox on (the original tinky foot maker) so when it came off he had to smell them to be sure...

He's doing much better! He was the day after! No fever since then and the cough, although still there, is much better.

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