Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 23 2011 On the move

The Boy is officially on the move. 
He looks like a drunken little old man but, moving non the less! It's only been a few days for full time upright walking, so he's still perfecting his form. At first you could see the surprise on his face with every successful step. The better he got the less concerned he looked! I swear he tried to run yesterday, he giggled like a crazy person, tripped, caught himself on his ball (he was carrying it), looked at me like, 'that was weird' and made the choice to walk the rest of the way. It's so uber cute I can't even stand it.
He's really coming into his own these days. Everyday this kid does something that captures my amazement. Maybe it's a mom thing, has to be. The things I used to hear others talk about seemed cute but unremarkable. Now, I sit slack jawed, as my baby looks at me, grabs his crotch and say', 'Pee pee'. I wanna call everyone I know! I'm extremely proud and slightly bemused. I like to tell myself that the things my kid does are  just more interesting and 'awe' worthy then the stories I heard before entering motherhood....but I think not. I KNOW there's someone listening to my stories rolling their eyes, probably right now!! Anyway, here's an example of one of my many, daily awe inspiring moments...A few hours before this picture was taken I stood in the mirror with kye making faces. I'd make one then he'd make one. He'd never before followed my lead so closely. I realized I'd never had him smile on cue so I decided to start practicing. I said, 'cheese', exaggerated a smile and he followed suit. Cut to later. I said, 'cheese' and this is what I got! Just one time, it took me one time to get this kid to smile on cue! (I know that won't last long! ha ha) He's amazing and so stink'n cute!

You know how we love bath Jaws rendition is horrible so if you don't have sound your not missing a thing!

The best for last. My silly silly little man. And my crazy grown man in the back ground...again, if you don't have sound it's probably for the best. If you do have sound you might want to turn it down a little!
We love you all and thanks for keeping tabs on our little Boog. 
I hope he makes you smile half as much as he does me.

I had no idea that having a child meant my heart would go walking around outside of my body.


  1. Wow!!!!!! You are growning up before our eyes. I miss you very much. Thank god for mom and dad to keep us all posted on our boog. What a pleasure it is to see him everyday. I would like to thank my daughter-in-law for thnking of Joe and I everyday when she sends us pictures of our very special little boy. I don't feel like we have had to miss much because she always keeps us posted on new things. Thanks again Maria-Love ya.