Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 1, 2011

Did you really think we'd get through this winter unscathed? I think not! 
My little love has RSV(respiratory syncytial virus). For you and I it's not a big deal, we may have cold like symptoms but, for a kiddo it can get pretty nasty. The severity of the infection can vary greatly. It can be as simple as a sniffle or it can cause other lung problems, such as bronchiolitis or pneumonia and can last up to 15 days. Kids with lung issues, low birth weight, prematurity, weak immune systems, cystic fibrosis, heart problems and those exposed to second hand smoke are more vulnerable and prone to having a more severe case of the virus. So as you all know The Boy has the first three of those requirements....hence the hospital gown. Lovely huh? 
It all started last week with a cough. I called the dr right away because we know someone who had it, know it's going around, and we don't want to take chances. We took him in that day and he was negative. We started breathing treatments at home and he just didn't improve. Saturday daddy took him in and came home with a plethora of medicine. Still, on Monday, he was not much better so, with our historical snopocalypse  on the way we decided to get him in again asap. Our pediatrician decided that, having exhausted all forms of home treatment, we should proceed to the not pass go. The problem was that he was working so hard to breath he was afraid he'd tire out. His O2 levels were perfect. the cough and congestion weren't really a concern. He wasn't eating much but he was getting enough to drink. Anyway, in the ER they tested him again to be safe and took an X-ray. The X-ray showed pneumonia. UGH! Poor kid! Which meant fluids, which meant IV. Double UGH. So here we are...

RSV requires a semi-quarantine but, before the results came in we were out trolling around having fun. He's actually a really good sick kid! He has his melt downs, thats to be expected but, for the most part he deals well.

He's doing better as far as his breathing goes. He's still not eating or drinking much but, he's hooked up to an IV so he's ok. We'll see how things go in the morning/ I'll do my best to update in a timely manner ;-)


  1. i just wanna come out there and hug him all up!!!!!! my poor baby!! :( kiss him on his little head for me. (grammy)

  2. What a strong little boy he is. He always remains a pretty happy little guy with whatever comes his way. Thanks so much to such a wonderful Dad & Mom who's always at his side. Much love to all of you. Keep us posted.

    grandpa & grandma