Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb 12 2011

Grandma and Grandpa are visiting!!! 
It's so cool this time cause Kye is really interacting with them, even when Mom and Dad are around...I think he may even prefer them to us at times!!!  Last night Kye and Grandpa were playing 'Get the baby', which is Kye's absolute favorite game in the entire world! Of course as soon as I try to record them Kye decides to do something different!
"This is my Grandpa and I love him."

I will post more pictures as I get them, I've been at work and as most of you know (or have personal experience with) my loving husband doesn't think to capture these lovely moments on film. It's my job and I don't mind a bit!!!
It's so much fun to watch him 'show off' with his adorable faces and antics....speaking of which here are a few pic's I had laying around on my desk top...tee hee

Silly Daddy, this is my motorcycle...oh I guess you can ride as long as it's with me!

Mama loves this baby

Doing a little reading.

Raise the ROOF!!! Whoot Whoot!!

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