Thursday, March 3, 2011

Colorado feb 2011

Our surprise was a huge success! Mikey had no clue

The surprise dinner attendees...Sondra's parents, us, Kyle, Mikey and my soon to be sister Sondra.

Aunt Sondra 'get'n' the babay!

I win Daddy, mines bigger

Teaching him MAN stuff!

We went up to Morrison and Red Rocks one afternoon. They're right inside the mountains, not to far from Denver but definitely a few hundred feet higher. The air is thin and you could tell Kye was working harder to breath.  Zeke and I could feel it as well. We walked to a special spot my Dad and I shared while I stayed with him and it felt like we just ran a mile...well thats what I think running a mile would feel like! As is I've ever ran a mile! ha ha ha 
Anyway the weather was nice so we strolled around Morrison for a little bit. We didn't stay long cause we worried about Kye but here are a few pictures...
riding a very colorful pig

Lol Mom and Dad thought it was funny, obviously Kye thought differently!

a bridge overlooking a 1/2 frozen river. Kye was pretty enthused...

on our mini hike that literally took our breath away...

Our trip was awesome and I have more pictures to post. 
Kye is running around like a mad man these days! He's moving right along developmentally! We still have a pt that comes by 2 times a month. I love her, she basically shows us things we can do at home to help him move forward physically. For example, he's walking but, not as well as his age suggest he should. I know, he was early but, our goal is to bring him up to speed. Anywhoo... we're working on his balance by crumpling a blanket on the floor, laying a sheet over it and having him walk across it. The ripples and bumps help him build the muscles required for better balance.  He's pretty much caught up though, mentally he's right on que..maybe even a little advanced! We're pretty darn proud of him! 
Of course I say that now, as I turn around to see him eating a hair he found on the floor...sigh...

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