Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toddlerhood begins...

We've got a toddler on our hands...for sure...without a doubt... Walking...running...talking...reaching the stuff on the table...

Well the Boy is almost 22 months old. I can't believe it! Seems like yesterday he was but a peanut. 
He's doing so many new things these days it's hard to keep up. Zeke and I are constantly talking about the new and usually hilarious antics he's up to on a daily bases. Yesterday Zeke was playing a video game with Kye next to him. Everytime the character died, Kye looked at daddy with deep concern and let out a serious uh-oh. Zeke doesn't play allot of video games so this wasn't a learned behavior!
 He's a pretty funny kiddo. He LOVES to brush his teeth, so much so that so I have to negotiate the release of said brush. Oh and everytime he farts or burps he cracks up, THAT should be fun at the grocery store! He's also a huge fan of dancing...
He beginning to repeat many of the words he hears and he'll (sometimes) make faces on command... My favorite is 'angry baby'

Isn't this the cutest thing in the entire universe!?!?!?
And then theres, 'Cheese'

And finally, 'ohhh' also known as 'uh-ho' (this is the less serious version)

His very favorite thing in the world remains bath time.
I call this last video, 'Bass' 

So with all the fun, silly, entertaining shenanigans our boy bestows on us also comes the charming power struggles...yes that was sarcasm. Apparently these delightful episodes are for Mama only. I know this cause Daddy is sure to tell me that, "He doesn't do that when your not here," 'sigh'. I've heard from many Mom's that kiddo's reserve these fits especially for Mom's...not sure I want to be the 'special one' in this regard! Anyway, we're working on it...I've had many suggestions, and tried them all. So far the 'ignore' approach seems to be lessening the severity of these 'spells'. So elegantly put, huh? All in all he's not a horrible fit thrower. It's kinda cute in a, 'is that all you've got kind of way'...I know I better watch what I say! He'll throw himself dramatically to the side, whether onto a wall or the floor, which ever is closest, and cry...without tears, sometimes he'll let a out a desperate squeal, maybe throw a block and stomp off into the other room. So all in all It's not as bad as I've heard other Moms have it. Keep your fingers crossed for me...and of course I welcome your suggestions! I'd also love to hear your favorite kid fit story! Got one???

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  1. This one time at band camp.... Come on people, I know you got a funny story!