Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct 11, 2010

 Kye’s doing so many new things it’s hard to keep up! As most of you know, the construction in the basement is almost completed. MAYBE I’ll be able to update this blog more often!

Well, I’ve gathered some pictures from the past month or so. They’re pictures I wanted to share but, haven’t found the time to post them. Kye’s sleeping right now and honestly I could use a nap but I’ll sacrifice, for you. ;-)

Here's Grandpa, Kye and Moco...Moco was actually pulling the stroller! Lazy Grandpa!

Looks like thay had a good time!

Awe, I love my Grandma.

Gonna get this monkey!!

Isn't this the sweetest thing! He loves to snuggle his glow worm at bed time. 

Pup Pup, from next door showing some love.

The boy and his Pop.

Can't decide of he's happy or about to cry in this one!

This is how we relax in the LOU, baby! It was a nice day but, we didn't want to leave our couch sooo problem solved! ha ha ok thats a nice story but not really.;-)

Our little love is really starting to communicate with signs and talking, mostly signs. Have I mentioned how happy I am we did this? The other day, Daddy was doing work in the basement while Kye played in a room near by. He was getting fussy and Dad had no idea what the problem could be, he had on a dry diaper, he ate not long ago, had some juice, etc. Well after some time Zeke realized Kye was pointing at his mouth. The sign for eat is when you bring ALL your fingers together and put them to your mouth so, Dad didn’t recognize it at first. He decided to try it and yep that was it! Kye got Dads attention and said FEED ME! It’s great! Oh the words that he’s saying are Mama, Dada, juice, ball and dog. Not in that order. To be honest, we’re not real sure about Mama and Dada, dog is for sure his first and favorite word, ball is a close second. Juice is just necessary.

He’s also starting to point out pictures when asked, like for example; find the birdie. I’ve noticed, while reading to him, when I make a sound an animal would make (or rather my terrible rendition) Kye try’s too!

Our First Steps educator brought over an assessment form for Kye. It’s nothing official, it’s just a fun way to take a look at how a baby is growing and learning. It shows how far they’ve come and maybe some things they may need to work on. Guess what? He’s in his own age group!!! We did one for his adjusted age and he scored off the chart so we did one for his actual age and he’s right in the middle! My smart kiddo!! He’s a little ‘behind’, and I use that word loosely, in his gross motor skills. That’s ONLY because he’s not walking yet. Which he will be doing soon enough!
Another new thing is waking up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder. He wasn't feeling great when this started so I'd fix him a bottle and rock him back to sleep. Now he's hard to get back into his bed. He'll drink all his bottle and just want me to hold him, the other night I was up for almost 2 hours! Every time I'd go to lay him down he'd scream at the top of his lungs. It's so unlike him. I just put a call into the doctor for some advice so, we'll see.
Alright people, I must clean myself up and prepare to go out into the world and run errands...Have a great week!

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