Monday, October 18, 2010

Oct 19 2010

"Hey guys!? Did you know my Mama and Daddy are trying to take away my baba?"

"I know, right? MY baba, for heavens sake, what are they thinking!?"

"Wait...what? You knew? Ok so YOU didn't but, the rest of you kneeeeeew?!

"Well, phooey on you too! HUMPH!"

Thine enemy....

Sippy cup try outs began on Saturday.

This transition is NOT much fun! We're still giving him a bottle at nap and bed time for the time being. Poor kids already stressed out enough...not to mention Ma and Pa! He's not liking the first sippy much. Daddys been giving the Boy drinks from a straw for awhile now and just the other day Kye got the hang of sucking on the straw to get the 'booty'. So far the second one has been the least traumatic!
----------------------------------------------------we took out the radio flyer today and stopped for a little bubble therapy. It worked for a little bit!


  1. My poor little boy--Wait! No longer a little boy if he's moving to a sippy cup. Grandma's big boy. I love the pictures you make me SMILE!!!!

    Love Ya,
    Grandma Knight. XOXO

  2. Thanks for blogging still . I look most every day , I get so excited when we have a new post!!Tell him to come over and I'll sneak him a baba..
    I will sneak him whatever he wants!!!
    Dont tell Mom and Dad.
    Love Aunt Kimmy