Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tue Oct 13

The Boy's doing great! His lungs are more clear then his last xray, he's gaining weight and breathing on his own so, no surgery in his near future. It is still a possibility. His diaphragm is still elevated which means it's still not working properly. Since this was a still photo they can't tell if its moving or not. We've got another appointment in January to do a fluoroscopys; the 'video xray'. We'll be able to see if its fixing itself at that time and we'll go from there. Dr. Choo-Kang seems pretty happy with his progress. We have to call him next week and let him know how his sat levels are...if all is well he's going to order him off the monitoring. SCARY!!! I'm excited as much as I am nervous. Honestly he hasn't had any serious issues with breathing for sometime now, even before leaving the NICU. So, It'll be fine.
Oh we stopped by the NICU today to visit since we were there for our appointment. We got to see Karen, Rachael and another NICU momma. They were all impressed with how much he's grown. Ya know, I miss them. I DO NOT miss him being in the hospital in any way but, the women I met there were phenomenal. The other Momma and I have kept in touch, usually at 3 am when were both 'nursing'. She's such a sweet person, she has two babies there, one is going home tomorrow so send a few prayers her way. It's going to be tough I imagine, until they are both at home. NICU Parents are a tough lot though, it takes a hell of a lot to get us down.
I'm trying to get a video of Kye playing, it's the cutest thing EVER! Little turd shuts down the charm when I get the camera out. Or (lets be fair) I have the wrong setting, a finger in the way or not enough light... I'll keep trying though!
Oh AND Kye's best friend was born on the 11th! He's bigger then Kye already! We love you!!!!!

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