Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sun Oct 4

Our little rock n roller is moving right along!
He's starting to interact with me more and more everyday. Unfortunately for me he's usually in the mood to play at 3am but, who could complain! I'm mesmerized by this beautiful boy of ours and I'm fascinated by just about everything he does! So lately, we've been making faces at one another and he tries really hard to coo and goo. It's so cute, he'll smile real big, strain a little, squint his eyes, turn his head slightly and lo and behold out comes the tiniest of squeaks! Damn cute, I tell ya, DAMN cute.
We turned his oxygen down to .01 today! So far so good, everybody do what you do to send positive Mo Jo his way!! If all goes well next Sunday we'll take him off of the oxygen! Exciting and scary all at the same time!! We'll be able to monitor him for awhile after...even if I have to lie to keep the machines! I believe thats the only way we'll get any sleep that first week!
Grandma and Grandpa came down this weekend. I had to work and Zeke manned the Garage sale so, we didn't really get to see them much...of course they weren't here to see us!!Kye absolutely LOVED having them! I'm pretty sure Grandma held him the entire time! He was pretty upset when they left. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the visit to post but, Grandma will be back this week..I'll make up for it then!!
Uncle Zo came by also...oh I'm sorry...Dark Man came by. Uncle Zo thinks he's a super hero. I told him Kye can call him Dark Man only if he wears a cape when he see's him. I'm not putting it past him! lol
Anyway things are going good. Kye has reverted back to eating every 3 hours at night and napping for long stretches during the day...o-well sleep is way over rated!

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