Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Oct 18th

This is what ya call a milk hang over...
Kye has perfected the 'pouty face'!!!

Yeaaaaa we made it a week without oxygen!!! He's doing fantastic. His sat levels have been pretty consistent the entire week. A few dips here and there but thats to be expected, I mean when ya poop, if ya push, ya don't breath as deep. So, we'll see what the doc wants us to do.

He's been sleeping longer too. Sometimes 5 hours. It's weird because I have wished and prayed for this day yet, when he sleeps this long I end up checking on him every 10 min! My head begins to wonder if somethings wrong...I check to be sure he's breathing..sometimes I poke him if it's not abundantly clear. Is that wrong? ;-) He's been eating ABOUT an ounce for every hour he sleeps but, not always. That worries me. I guess if he's gaining weight it's fine. Oh btw he's 9.7 pounds! I forgot to mention that last week. He's like a REAL SIZED baby now!
He's talking so much too, He's a pretty charming little man. He's so expressive! He's also kicking his little feet, well usually just one at a time unless he's really excited. It's like he's riding a one peddled bike. Soo cute!


  1. I feel like we all go through the obsessive checking for at least a little while.

    I know I did for sure. As soon as kye is up for it, lily and I would love to visit!


  2. OMG he is the cutest thing!! I can't believe how big he is! You go boy :)