Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Oct 30th

Happy Halloweenie!!!!

Daddy and I went to the pumpkin patch with Kevin, Ninfa, and Beth last Sunday. Then we went to the pizzeria and carved them up. It was a blast! We decided to have a little fun with Booger butt. We couldn't let his first Halloween go by without his very own pumpkin could we! I mean, how much more adorable can you get?! Ya just can't stand it can you! Makes you wanna squeeze the pants right off of him doesn't it. Your making 'that' face right now aren't you? You know the one-eyebrows up, lips puckered, ooowww coming from said puckered lips. Can't really be helped with all this cuteness floating around! We had a ball playing with the boy and his pumpkin. He was good for about 15 minutes! Thats ok though it was like the red carpet with all the flashes going off so we got quite a few good pics. Not all on my camera though. If I get any that are unbelievable I'll post'm.

He's doing great otherwise. He's been off all the monitors for almost a full week now. Mom and Dad are sleeping just fine, thanks for asking! He was so good for such a long time before we took him off we're pretty comfortable.
'They' told us that it's good to have air circulating in the room, not directly on him and not to let it get to warm...So I have gotten up quite a few times to check the atmosphere in his room, obsessing about it when I lay down and then checking again. Ok I aim my phone at him every time I get up to make sure he's breathing too...sometimes I poke him to make him move. Whatever, you would to.


  1. happy first halloween kye!!!!!

  2. Kye-You are Grandpa & Grandma's little pumpkin!!!
    Love Ya

  3. Happy halloween Kye man....i love his tiny feet sticking out!!!! what a sweetie pea Lisa