Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday November 8 09

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet boy!!!!!

Kye's doing great! He's gonna be a musician like his Uncle Mike and Uncle David! These tiny rattles are perfect for him...maybe we'll move him on to something a little bit cooler later! He loves to shake rattle and roll! He's laughing a lot now and holding onto things, as you can see here! I tried to get a video up but had trouble so, here's a pic.

Our new thing is tummy time. He's not a big fan so far! We're working on it though. I've talked to lots of mom's who are having the same issue. Since 'back to sleep' became the thing to do, kids don't get much time on their bellies. It's good for upper body development and neck strength...really pisses him off though!

When we went to the physical theripist, she said his little head has a slight flat spot on the left side. For so long we weren't able to lay him on his right (Doc said we can now but we're still leary). We've always rotated him, something we learned in the NICU to help head shape but not as much on his right; we're working on that too. We have another appointment with the pt in a few weeks to check progress. Babies heads are pretty pliable so it should even out by then.

It was so nice out that we went on our first stroller walk today! He loved it! I think the fresh air did him good.

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  1. Kye--You look so pleased to take your walk with mom. Have a good day.