Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tue Nov 11

Here are a couple of pictures of our walk in Forest park. We decided late Sunday (A friend and I...and Kye's future best friend)to meet up and stroll around on a beautiful Monday afternoon. We planned to meet around 12-12:30ish. I'm fortunate that, said friend and I have planned many things together, including getting pregnant, because unlike getting pregnant together this plan didn't work out as smoothly as...well planned. It didn't seem like an adventure when we decided to go, didn't think we needed a schedule to follow in order to achieve the goal of a stroll. Well my friends let me tell you it took us about 4 hours to take a 20 minutes walk! Who knew! We both needed to eat, then the boy's needed to eat and poop and...I can't even tell you why it took us so long to actually get to the walk! For about half the time we were crammed in my little car tending to the kids! It's crazy how much time floats away when your trying to do something that used to be a very simple task. I'm so glad I had her to experience this with! If I try to explain to anyone (except a mom) how long it took and how tired I was after they'd think I was insane and very out of shape! I'm lucky to have a friend to share all of this with, it's truly priceless.
Oh and I thought this was adorable so I added it...

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