Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Nov 15

Daddy got to take Kye out on Saturday(for the first time by himself!) was for an RSV shot (upper respatory infection...dangerous for babies with lung issues) but, he made the best of it. They stopped by to see me at work and then went by the resturant. I told him to be sure to get a few pictures because it's their first trip out together...this is what we got.
I adore my husband! He cracks me up!! He admits he's not that great at the self photo thing!!! He did ok in the end.
Kye is 10.4 pounds. I wish the little booger would gain faster! He's gaining ok, about 10 oz in 2 1/2-3 weeks, I just worry about him getting enough. He's a happy little guy though. I mean he has his fits, as most of you know (he can throw an impressive fit!) but, as a whole he's a good baby. We have no problem putting him to bed (knock on wood) he'll lay there and play till he falls asleep. When he wakes up he'll usually play some before fussing to eat. He still has his stomach issues, you can actually hear his belly gurgling...poor kid. Hopefully he'll grow out of that soon enough.

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  1. Kye & Zeke- Grandpa loves the 2nd picture of you all. We Loved to see the pictures of the boys out on the town. Zeke you and Maria are wonderful parents!!!!!!! I knew you would be.

    Love Dad & Mom